Patriotism at Home

"We are proud of our Knox boys now with the colors. Our hearts throb with a quickened beat as we call the roll." - The Gale, Knox College, 1919

Art supplement and article

The war inspired an enormous outpouring of fundraising efforts for troops abroad. Programs involving war savings stamps, Liberty loan stamps, clothing drives and more were put into effect to support the war effort. Thus, advertising for these programs quickly proliferated between 1917 and 1918. 

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Patriotic Christmas cards were also printed during the war. 

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"Go forth then, men and women of 1918, in the soldier spirit, humbly, unselfishly, loyally. Your Alma Mater cheers you on your way with a true mother's affection and hope; and she will ever follow your career in all your service with confidence that you will be true to the call."
-- Dr. W.E. Simonds, in his Commencement address to the Class of 1918